Knitted Props

I learnt to knit from Lucie Boudreau, my grandmother, my father's mother.  She was a strong French Canadian woman.  I was twelve, when she taught me to use knitting needles andI have used the skill throughout my life.  While pregnant with Owen, I busied myself, by making woollen soakers to go over cloth diapers.  They were so cute, and I loved seeing him wear them. I am currently in the process of creating newborn props for photo shoots and knitting is coming in very handy.  When I knit, I think of my grandma and how much she was a strong presence in my life. As a child she lived but down the road from us. I spent a lot of time in her little white house facing the lake.  When I was older she moved to the city of North Bay and at  seventeen years old I moved in with her.  We were roommates.  Now that I am a mother, I wish that I had asked her questions about being a mother, and about her wisdom with wild crafting, and how she viewed life.   She has passed and I cannot ask her those questions, but I can send her love as I knit my props and feel grateful for her forethought in showing me a skill, that I have needed throughout my life. 

Knitting for newborns is great fun, because the items are small and are not time consuming, which makes it rewarding.  Above, I knitted the brown pants in a couple of hours.  The hat and pant-tie are made from a recycled sweater.   I found the pattern on a blog, Little Miss Stitcher.  You can check it out here. 

I can't wait to try them on for size in a newborn photo session.  I am excited to say that, that will be soon.  I have two sessions booked in the next couple of weeks.  One baby boy was born last Thursday and the other baby is still gestating in his mommy's belly.  I love this job!