Welcome to Annie Bananie Photography

So happy that you are here. Here is a little bit about me and my photography services.

As a child, I grew up in the small town of Astorville in Northern Ontario. I played freely in the woods and loved to climb trees, build forts and dream.  As an adult, I still love hiking, canoe camping and consider Mother Nature my place to relax and let go.  So it is fitting that I bring families into nature to capture photos of them exploring, playing, and connecting. The smiles and laughter that ensues from these sessions are heart warming and an experience to remember. 

My other love is taking photos of newborns and their family. From my experiences of motherhood, I understand the vulnerabilities and the magic that comes with a new small being in the home.  As a Newborn Photographer, I capture those special moments of tiny toes and tiny fingers.   These sessions are about celebrating the magic and real moments as family members get to know one another.  

 Why I love Photography

A photograph is a time capsule that helps us bring back those memories and feelings from past events and milestones.  I love looking back at my old family photos from generations past.  These photos remind me that I look like my grandmother, that as a toddler my daughter Zoe had curly hair and my son Owen loved to run.  Sometimes, I wish that I could reach into these photos and be there again playing and holding my children. That is what I aim to deliver to my clients; an experience of family connection and tangible images of those memories.

Since time travel is not a thing, photos are the next best thing!

What to Expect

A relaxed atmosphere, where children can play and family members can connect. Each session evolves in it’s own way and writes a different story.

My Super Powers

 I follow my dreams.

 Fun Facts

 Travelled to 22 countries

 Taught English in Thailand

 Got charged by an elephant in Botswana 

 Had an experience with sweeper ants in Mexico (google them)

 Run Singing Tree Daycare

 Taught Yoga for over a decade

Am an avid reader

 I play the ukulele