Stories by Annie Bananie

Screen Vacation

One thing about being on vacation is putting my phone aside and immersing myself in the reality of life.  On my return this year, I have decided to prolong my "screen vacation", by deleting all games, and social media from my phone.  This means my phone is good for music, texting, and phone calls.  This has been liberating beyond belief.  It's made me realize how often I would randomly pick up my phone to check what's going on in the cyber world.  How distracting it's been to my presence in my life with my children and my inner self.  It's hard to describe how more centred I feel and more motivated to be in the kitchen, to read books, to do yoga and do creative projects.  It's like the screen's pull for my attention, had slowly taken away my motivation to do things that brought me joy.  Just like the dementor's in Harry Potter; joy suckers. I still check social media on my computer and use them as a business tool.  Like the saying goes; "a secret to a happy life is to find balance in all things." 

 As seen in the video below and explained by Tristan Harris a former google employee these apps are designed to suck us in.  I hope that this video inspires you to spend less time on social media and more time in the real world.  As we sit on our phones life is passing us by.  Let's be engaged with each other in real time. Let's look up and see the world around us.  It's a beautiful world we live in, with beautiful people that surround us.  Our children need us and society needs us to be present, engaged and motivated.