Stories by Annie Bananie



I have a dream of having a van, just like this one. In my dream, I am driving my VW across the country and photographing families in nature along the way. The thing about me and dreams is that my dreams often come true. For example, I dreamt of teaching yoga at Rama Lotus and it happened. I love this story, because it’s one of those dreams that just fell in my lap. I was taking Kundalini yoga teacher training and wasn’t even finished the training yet, when the prenatal teacher approached me saying that she was moving to British Columbia and was going to suggest to Robert Hay the owner of Rama Lotus that I take her place. Once my training was finished, I immediately started teaching and was amazed at my luck! My dream came true and I taught there for over ten years. I have many more stories, just like that one and I will make my On the Road with Annie Bananie Photography come true as well. Dreams are possible, first we need to dream them and then take the actions required to bring them to life.

One thing that I have learnt is that dreams come true, but they sometimes happen in their own time and might look a little different. Throughout my 48 years on this spinning planet, I have found myself saying: “Wow, this is a dream come true, from a decade or two ago”.

What are your dreams? What dreams have already come true for you?