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True You Apparel with Drew Clipperton

On June 13th, I met this beautiful woman at Fletcher Wildlife reserve for a Branding Photo Session. We hung out, talked and took photos. These photos were taken with the goal of representing her and her brand called True You Apparel. You can read below to learn more about Drew and how she is putting herself out there in the world.

On June 13th, I met this beautiful woman at Fletcher Wildlife reserve for a Branding Photo Session. We hung out, talked and took photos. These photos were taken with the goal of representing her and her brand called True You Apparel. You can read below to learn more about Drew and how she is putting herself out there in the world.

What was your inspiration to begin True You Apparel? 

Following my second maternity leave, I decided not to return to my permanent position as I wanted to stay home with my boys while they were young. My mom did the same thing when my brother and I were little and we both look back on that time as so special. My mom was my inspiration for starting a business as she started and ran a children’s exercise program called Tot Romp while she was home with us. It was ahead of its time and such an amazing opportunity for parents and children to interact in a structured exercise and playtime environment. I had always wanted to start a business but hadn’t taken the time to really hone in on what I wanted to do or how I would go about doing it.

I love that you are following your mother’s lead. It shows, that as mother’s we really are examples for our children. I understand that True you Apparel is more than a clothing line, but a mission to empower women.  Tell us more!

Yes, absolutely!! True You Apparel came from my love of momlife and my love of self-care, fitness and my own time to do those things. I think there can be a lot of guilt that surrounds moms taking time for themselves but, truthfully, I find that we are so much better when we do. It took me a long time to come to that realization and to do these things for myself but the really wonderful thing about this business is how much it has personally affected my own lifestyle. I like to ask the question ‘What’s your WHY?’ because I think to focus on that and let that drive you is the best motivator to take time for self-care and fitness. 

The clothing line is geared towards moms but can apply to all women - whatever your responsibilities are, your age, where you are in life, etc - we all lead busy lives but taking the time for ourselves is so important and I want to encourage and motivate others because I really notice the difference in how I carry myself, react and respond to things.  


Prior to launching this business what was your job? Did you have fears about letting go of your secure stream of income? What would you tell someone, who dreams of having their own business? 

Before I launched my business I was on maternity leave from my job as an Event Coordinator. It was a BIG decision not to return to a steady income and the decision was not taken lightly. My husband and I had many conversations about it, I spoke to my family and friends about it and everyone was very supportive of whatever we decided. Ultimately, we knew that this decision was the right one for our family. 

In terms of advice for someone else considering doing something along the same lines and starting a business I would tell them to go for it if it is always something they will wonder about. If you love it, go for it. I think that’s the biggest thing… you have to LOVE it. It can’t feel like a chore because you’ll find it hard to get motivated. If you’re willing to work for it, put in time, endless amounts of effort and put yourself out there then you should do it. It isn’t easy, there’s no magical formula. I am learning every single day.  My second piece of advice is to network if you decide to start a business. The most incredible thing I’ve experienced in this process is networking and making connections. I have learned so much from bloggers, influencers, other shop owners and that has been such an informative and rewarding process.

In a Facebook post you talk about your early struggles with body image.  I could relate to this post, as I also struggle with it. I am curious to know, did many women weigh in with their own struggles? 

I didn’t hear directly from any women about their own struggles but I think it’s something so many women experience. Body image has always been something I’ve struggled with - there are things I would change for sure but I’m learning to give myself grace and to remind myself that I am always a work in progress. I look at my two boys and I know what amazing things my body has done and that’s a good reminder.

I read on your instagram post @trueyouapparel that you are involved in a virtual gym? What is that exactly? 

Yes! So The Virtual Gym is a healthy lifestyle community and accountability group on Facebook for the coaching business I am now a part of. We use Beachbody on Demand for workouts & nutrition. It is such an amazing community of women who encourage, inspire and motivate each other. I love working out at home - it fits so well with my family life and lifestyle - but I truly never feel alone as there is this wonderful community alongside. 

What is your morning routine? 

I’m so happy you asked about this! I love mornings now, but that wasn’t always the case. I have trained myself to be a morning person (and my two kids helped with that too!) because I find that getting my workouts in at that time and having that time to myself sets me up for the entire day - it centres me, gives me focus and I feel more in control of whatever else comes up during the day. So here is my morning schedule:

5:50am - Alarm goes off with the motivation phrase ‘Wake up & be awesome’ but I like to change this up so it’s always inspiring!

Get workout clothes on and head down to the basement where we’ve set up our home gym

Press play on my workout - right now I’m doing 21 day fix with a group of women (they only take 30 minutes!)

Come upstairs, drink a glass of warm water with lemon juice

Shower, get dressed & by this time my husband and the boys are up and we’re off for the rest of the day.

I love hearing that you made yourself into a morning person. Maybe there is hope for me, lol. What is your favourite workout? 

I really love anything cardio based as I feel the most revived afterwards - there’s a workout in 21 day fix called Dirty 30 and it’s one of my faves because it’s cardio, weights and core all in one - a great workout package! I also love to run since I can take it outside in nice weather.

Thanks Drew for taking that plunge into the world of unknowns in doing what you love. I love your commitment to uplifting women into being their best selves for themselves and their families. I look forward to wearing my “Sweat now and shine later” t-shirt to the gym during those hard cardio workouts! It’s true, I do shine afterwards :)

You can find Drew on Instagram at True You Apparel. Here you will find inspiration and a link to her Etsy shop.


Before signing off, I can’t help but ask; “what is your why?”