Stories by Annie Bananie

The Science of Happiness

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This is page 14 of the TIME magazine's special edition on the The Science of Happiness.  It was written in 2017 and I am loving the nuggets of information and inspiration towards living a happy life.  One message that is hitting home with me is that time away from our screens and a more engaged approach to life increases our sense of joy and happiness.  I know this intuitively, but I have to be honest that in this last year my family has gotten swept away by our screens.  It seems like over time we have found ourselves more and more bedevilled by the pinging, ringing, and apps on our phones.  I have found myself feeling anger while watching my teens looking at their screens, their faces lit up by texting, snap chat or games.  When I talk to them, I have to ask them to look up at me.  Well I am done.  I am making some changes.  Netflix is now for special family movie watching time.  No more watching Netflix after school. They can now read, draw, or hang out with friends instead.  On weekends we are going to have a technology fast where we put all our devices aside (parents included) and do something with the family without distractions.  This is a perfect time of year to do this as it's spring and soon the snow will be melted and the sun will be out and we will have a plethora of things to do.