I do what I love, and I love what I do...

I love Newborn photography

On Tuesday morning, I had the honour of photographing a brand new little being to this spinning Earth.  He was born at home to beautiful parents and a big sister.  I loved our session together.  Fox (baby's name) was a darling.  He was 10 days old and was the perfect model.  I was able to keep him asleep for some beautiful shots, and I left that shoot on a high.  I cannot get over how much fun it is to photograph young families and provide them with beautiful memories.  

For myself, my children have grown to be 15 and 12 and I love looking at their photos of when they were tiny.  I cannot believe that so much time has gone by and that time keeps ticking.  

Capable Little People


“He who is served is limited in his independence.”,  My work with children agrees with this quote from Dr. Maria Montessori.  When children are provided with a safe environment, the time and patience to accomplish a task at their skill level, they feel successful and gain confidence. 

When we continuously do things for toddlers,  we give them the message that they are incapable of the independence that they crave.  When we commit to guiding them towards putting on their own shoes, their own clothing, etc.. we are showing them love and the gift of independence. With each accomplishment their self-confidence builds and grows.  This includes not intervening when they are struggling with a task.  Often, when we see our children struggling with something, we jump in and do it for them.  Take a step back and let your child figure it out and learn to ask for help.  When a child faces a challenge they learn to be resourceful and become confident in their capacity to problem solve.  

Toddler's naturally want to do things for themselves.  They often say: "I can do it by myself!", and they are right, they can.  Let's let them.  Let's be confident in their abilities.  Let's guide them towards independence. Let's take a step back and give them the space to learn and explore what they are capable of.   Instead of coming to their rescue let's teach them the  skill of asking for help, when they need it.  At home, at daycare, at school, we can set up their environment to facilitate their independence.  This is true for children of all ages. 

Let them:

Get Dressed

Clean up after a meal

Clean their room

Tidy up toys


Do laundry

A child is learning how the world works and enjoys being an active participant in it.


Knitted Props

I learnt to knit from Lucie Boudreau, my grandmother, my father's mother.  She was a strong French Canadian woman.  I was twelve, when she taught me to use knitting needles andI have used the skill throughout my life.  While pregnant with Owen, I busied myself, by making woollen soakers to go over cloth diapers.  They were so cute, and I loved seeing him wear them. I am currently in the process of creating newborn props for photo shoots and knitting is coming in very handy.  When I knit, I think of my grandma and how much she was a strong presence in my life. As a child she lived but down the road from us. I spent a lot of time in her little white house facing the lake.  When I was older she moved to the city of North Bay and at  seventeen years old I moved in with her.  We were roommates.  Now that I am a mother, I wish that I had asked her questions about being a mother, and about her wisdom with wild crafting, and how she viewed life.   She has passed and I cannot ask her those questions, but I can send her love as I knit my props and feel grateful for her forethought in showing me a skill, that I have needed throughout my life. 

Knitting for newborns is great fun, because the items are small and are not time consuming, which makes it rewarding.  Above, I knitted the brown pants in a couple of hours.  The hat and pant-tie are made from a recycled sweater.   I found the pattern on a blog, Little Miss Stitcher.  You can check it out here. 

I can't wait to try them on for size in a newborn photo session.  I am excited to say that, that will be soon.  I have two sessions booked in the next couple of weeks.  One baby boy was born last Thursday and the other baby is still gestating in his mommy's belly.  I love this job!

Dear Dad,

Please remember that Sunday May 14th is Mother's Day.  Mommy cooks for me, and takes really good care of me. I love her so much and want your help to show her, how much.   Together we can give her love, make her feel nurtured, and blessed.  How about we let  her sleep in, make her breakfast, do the dishes, and give her space to breathe.  Don't worry Father's Day is soon to come and you will have a turn to feel how special you are.  In fact, although I don't know how to express it, I love you both everyday and always am grateful for what you and mom bring to my life. 
Thank You!

Project 365

If you click onto my Instgram icon you will notice that I have embarked on Project 365, which means that I have committed to taking pictures everyday for 365 days and posting my favourite on Instagram.  The goal is to improve my photography skills and see if I can define an emerging style.  I have set a few rules for myself: 

  1. Take daily pictures with camera (canon 5D Mark ii)
  2. Post on Instagram
  3. If good camera is not available phone camera will do
  4. Never miss a day, but if life happens and I do miss a day, don't sweat it. 
  5. Sit back and enjoy the process. 

Today marks my 32nd day and so far so good.  It feels good to pick up my camera on a daily basis and I am learning loads.  What I am learning is hard to define, but it's there a process and a deepening for my love of photography. 

Here is my favourite photo so far. 

Outdoor Play

I am a firm believer in outdoor play. While children are in the midst of trees, and submersed in the elements of nature, they run, jump, and climb. In this way they learn about their bodies and what it is capable of.   Nature provides them with many treasures. It's in a pinecone, a stick, a rock, a new blade of grass.  In the stillness of our being we hear a bird singing, the wind blowing and feel the sun on our faces. The miracles are everywhere, one only has to open their eyes, notice, feel and let the magic unravel. 


Today I went of a 3km snow shoe in the woods. It was a balmy day, and perfect weather to be traipsing through the snow.  Later in the afternoon, I went to My Studio in the Woods and marvelled at the space.  I am so lucky to have a place by the water and surrounded by trees.  I cleaned up my work space and before leaving I took this photo of my reflection. I like the layers of detail.  It is my first self-portrait with my new to me camera.  Life is good. 

Old Photos - Europe 1995

One day in  1996, and shortly after I returned from a two week whirlwind tour of Europe,  I bought $1200 worth of dark room equipment.   It was an impulse buy, and a fun learning curve. I bordered up my spare bedroom window with cardboard and duct tape, and stuffed a towel under the crack of the door and, worked in the dark.  I loved the magic of watching the photo appear on a blank piece of paper.   Back then I had a film camera, and black and was one of my things.  

 This weekend I went through an old box of photos. I found some images that were taken so long ago, on that backpacking trip to Europe.   I took the below bike picture in Amsterdam. I was enamoured with that place; the bicycles, the canals and the architecture.  I developed this photo in my dark room way back when.  I now took a photo of the photo and edited it in Lightroom. It was fun taking something of the past and changing it in the present.  I like how it looks like a pencil drawing.  Technology has changed so much in a little over twenty years.  

This is the original image, but edited in lightroom.  W  

This is the original image, but edited in lightroom. 



Relaxing at Daycare

There are many reasons to love home daycares.  One of them is that it provides a relaxed, homey environment for the children and their learning.  There is a routine that brings continuity to the child's day, but within that there is open space for them to be themselves, to relax, and learn in a home atmosphere.  A home is the foundation from which a family lives from.  It's where we gather to eat, to sleep and be together.  This is where our children feel safe and comfortable.  In my opinion it's exactly where the young child should be. 


Wet Felted Slippers

Wet felting is super fun. It's a great thing to do in a group of people.  you need space, and time, andMy Studio in the Woods provides all that and more. Keep your eyes open, for the next one!


Family Photoshoot

Family Photoshoots are so much fun.  I love capturing the fun and love that family have together.  Last weekend, I gathered with this family in the woods and under a blue sky and changing leaves we captured some of these moments of laughter and joy. 


I am so glad that you are here.  I have been working very hard these last couple of months to create this website.  Every picture taken, word written and the website itself is designed by me. Yes, I am a DYI kind of girl.  As you might already know, I love felting,  knitting, reading, biking, traveling and most of all, I love to learn, and of course, I love my kids!

I look forward to sharing with you my photo shoots, workshops and gatherings.  Together we can make magic happen!

Thank you for your time and hope to see you soon!
Annie Bananie

This is me sea kayaking in Thailand.  A half hour after this photo was taken, the sea got really rough, rain poured from the sky in big fat aggressive drops.  Lightning struck all around and I feared for my life, but I survived and felt proud of my experience and strength in facing nature's power. 

This is me sea kayaking in Thailand.  A half hour after this photo was taken, the sea got really rough, rain poured from the sky in big fat aggressive drops.  Lightning struck all around and I feared for my life, but I survived and felt proud of my experience and strength in facing nature's power.