Stories by Annie Bananie

Old Photos - Europe 1995

One day in  1996, and shortly after I returned from a two week whirlwind tour of Europe,  I bought $1200 worth of dark room equipment.   It was an impulse buy, and a fun learning curve. I bordered up my spare bedroom window with cardboard and duct tape, and stuffed a towel under the crack of the door and, worked in the dark.  I loved the magic of watching the photo appear on a blank piece of paper.   Back then I had a film camera, and black and was one of my things.  

 This weekend I went through an old box of photos. I found some images that were taken so long ago, on that backpacking trip to Europe.   I took the below bike picture in Amsterdam. I was enamoured with that place; the bicycles, the canals and the architecture.  I developed this photo in my dark room way back when.  I now took a photo of the photo and edited it in Lightroom. It was fun taking something of the past and changing it in the present.  I like how it looks like a pencil drawing.  Technology has changed so much in a little over twenty years.  

This is the original image, but edited in lightroom.   W   

This is the original image, but edited in lightroom.