Stories by Annie Bananie

Fall Photo Session

It’s hard to believe that it has been months since my last blog entry. Truth be told, I have been so busy with being a mother, photographer and daycare provider that writing has been put on the back burner. Lately though, I have had an itch and here I am writing.

One highlight, I have had this fall is photographing families in nature. I truly believe that adults and children benefit from being in the presence of trees, lakes and the fresh air of the great outdoors. It also provides a beautiful backdrop for family photos and allows children and their parents to run, play and have fun. As parents we crave to give our loved ones an experience of family connection and that is what I love to provide. In this photo session we met on a friend’s land and had so much fun. Not only did we take photos but we played hide and seek, ran, discovered different mushrooms, leaves and each other. The photos speak for themselves.