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Books and Travelling

If you know me, you know that I love books.  They are a big part of my life and when packing for a trip it's books that take up all the room!!! The question isn't which outfit am I going to bring, but which books.  To help decide which books to bring to Costa Rica,  I put out a Facebook post asking my peeps for book recommendations and got loads of them.  These are the winners. 


I never read Miraim Toews, but trust my friend Meg's taste in books. I know that I will love this. 


Historical fiction is awesome.  You learn about history while being entertained. I don't know why we never learned in school in this way.  This was a recommendation by Louise Cameron and I am sure that it will not disappoint. 


I have always known that I should read this book. Its come up a few times, but the time was never right, until now!!! This was not a recommendation but I saw it in Chapters and knew I had to buy it and trek it to Central America.  

I can see myself now, swinging in my hammock lulled by the sound ocean waves and my book companions.  Happiness right there.  Here are some of the books that were recommended...

1. When Breathe Becomes Air

2. Only Love Can Break Your Heart

3. The Onion girl

4. The Goldfinch

5. All the Light we Cannot See

6. A Discovery of Witches

7. The Glass Castle

8. The Hate you Give

9. Life After Life

Let me know of any others you can recommend!