Stories by Annie Bananie


If you know me well, you know that I am solar powered.  This means that like a flower, I need the rays of the sun to shine down on me to keep me strong and vibrant.  I love snow shoeing, skiing and yes even shovelling, and I love getting away from it too. I am fortunate enough to have a life partner, who enjoys adventures in the sun as much, I do.  Every year we venture out to a tropical place and find an adventure.  This year our adventure is taking us to beautiful Costa Rica.  I have never been, but the guide books describe lush rain and cloud forests, sloths, beaches and beauty all around.  That sounds wonderful right? It does and to make a great destination even greater, we have rented a 4 X 4 that has a rooftop tent and all camping gear included.  We will head down the West Coast to Corcodova National Park, where camping sites can be found along the shores of deserted beaches and in the mountains.  Below is a screen shot of Nomad America's Instagram feed. This will give you an idea of what we will be doing. 


A second fun feature of traveling with Jay is that we like to raise money for people to help along the way.  This year we are building a chicken coop and buying chickens for a family down in Corcodova National Park.  Currently they make their money by collecting coconuts and turning them into coconut oil.  Sounds great until you hear that the husband Mr. silian bikes 6 miles to get the coconuts that gather at the mouth of a river. He then balances his bag of coconuts on his bike back to his wife, where she then makes the oil.  He travels back and forth, twice daily.  It's a lot of work for little return.  Our chicken coops and chickens will give them a chance to turn a profit by selling eggs.  I have created a GoFundMe page at this link: Chicken Coop If you feel compelled, please donate.  We will make a video of our adventure and share with you what the funded money created.  I will document our story on this blog as well.   We fly out February 12th and I cannot wait!

This is Mr. Silian and Mrs. Lucy waiting for their chicken coop...

This is Mr. Silian and Mrs. Lucy waiting for their chicken coop...