Stories by Annie Bananie

Friends and Relationships


One thing that I have learnt in my 47 years is that our life partners/husbands/wives are not meant to be our everything.  They are our lovers, our supporters, someone we dream and learn with and organize our lives with, but they are not our everything.  We need friends to talk and play with, and share things of common interest.  Each friend is a gem that has unique qualities that brings different strengths to our lives.  Maybe you have a friend who is a good listener, one who inspires you to be healthy, and one who will go on adventures with you.  To put all of your eggs in one basket and expect our partners to be all that we need is a  big torch to bear.  To have friends outside of the relationship keeps the relationship fresh, as you come back with new tales to tell, new adventures to share, and it keeps you interesting as a partner.

I have learnt that to be in a healthy relationship means to stay individuals while working together towards common and personal goals.  It's about loving each other and honouring  our similarities and differences.  It's about building a strong community around us, which creates pillars for our love to grow.  

What are some aspects of a healthy relationship for you? 

This post was inspired by Aislinn and Narciso. I photographed their wedding on December 30th and they have such a beautiful community of people around them.  They are also a sweet, loving couple.  I am so grateful to have shared your day with you!