Stories by Annie Bananie

Chicken Coop Fundraiser - Costa Rica 2018

I am solar powered and every winter, I take a trip to a warm country. While on these adventures my partner Jay and I enjoy helping someone along the way.  This year we helped a family in Costa Rica build a Chicken coop to help start a small business of selling eggs.   This could not have been possible without the help of Nomad America and donations from family and friends.  On March 19th we headed to their small village near Puerto Jiminez in southern Costa Rica to see the progress of the project.  It was a rewarding experience and a highlight of our trip.

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The chicken Coop

  The coop was well built, with a concrete foundation, a tin roof and fenced in to keep the predators away. They also received 30 good chickens that were already providing eggs. 


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Mr. Silian

Here is a photo of Mr. Silian bringing the chickens into their new home. He was so happy and treated the chickens like his own children.  We slept on their land and in the morning as we lay in our tent, we could here Mr. Silian talking to the chickens.  "hola" he said and other fatherly words. Later for breakfast we had some freshly hatched eggs cooked in coconut oil.  Even though there was a language gap we found a way to communicate.  Through body language and other means we seemed to get our points across. They were able to translate their gratitude for our friends and family in Canada and their donations in fulfilling their dream of building a family business that they will be able to work on and grow. 

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Madam Lucy

Here is Jay shaking hands with Madam Lucy. Her energy was one of gentle sweetness.  She is a pastor of her community and on their land among banana, papaya and yucca trees there is an open air chapel with benches and an altar.   On Sunday's she greets her community under the shade of the chapel's tin roof to praise God in his glory.  She is a mother who cares for her family and loves her community. 

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Introducing  Marco a family friend of Mr. Silian and Madame Lucy and an integral pillar of the project.  He volunteered his time to purchase and deliver the supplies and build the coop.  He did this out of the goodness of his own heart. As a thank you for his time and efforts we offered him some money and he folded over in tears and said: "Jesus Christ".  As tears ran down his face he explained that his family was having trouble having enough to eat.  He repeatedly thanked us and gave us blessings. 

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Nomad America

Meet Luis and Fabio two fabulous guys who run Nomad America.  Without them we could not have pulled this fundraiser off.  They are the ones who found our fundraiser family, who put up money to start the project and donated some funds to the cause. Not only were they a great help, but they are great guys. We loved meeting them and feel like we have new friends. 

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Thank You

Before leaving the coop we stood by the chickens in  their new home, and Mr. Sillian, Madame Lucy, Silian, Aron, Jay and I stood in circle holding hands. Madame Lucy said a prayer in Spanish.  I cannot translate exactly what was said but there were blessings from God and for our safety.  Canada was mentioned with other words of blessings. Her words although not completely understood intellectually were felt spiritually.  She meant what she said and we would like to say the same to you. From the bottom of our hearts thank you for donating and providing this family with the opportunity to create a business, that will support the family and provide their community with fresh eggs. 

Blessings to you and your family!