Stories by Annie Bananie

Monte Verde Costa Rica

Here is one of the walking bridges at Monte Verde National Park in Northern Costa Rica. It's a cloud forrest, which means that it is a wet and tropical that lives at an elevation of the clouds.  Never have I experienced walking through a cloud and feeling it's moist mist on my skin, hair and being.   It was magical like being in the land or fairies, gnomes and trolls. 




One rule of hiking is do not deviate from the trail, if you do, you touch what has been untouched.  Leave the forrest do what the forrest does. The cloud forrest  is of every shade of green possible. Moss grows on everything and the forrest engulfs you in it's enormity and beauty.  As we walked something shifted inside of me.  I felt joy in this misty forrest. It spoke to me: "Take care of the Earth's trees and biodiversity."  Among the trees, the mist, the moss and the glow of green, I felt the presence of mother nature.  I love this experience of being connected to something bigger than myself. 

costa Rica 2018-511Dominical drift wood.jpg
costa Rica 2018-435Dominical drift wood.jpg
costa Rica 2018-392Dominical drift wood.jpg

Our drive to Monte Verde Cloud Forrests brought through crazy winding, dirt roads, and an amazing view of the sunset on a beautiful cloud.