Stories by Annie Bananie

Annie Bananie the Clown


I originally started my photography business as Annie Boudreau Photography. As much, as I am proud of my last name and the French Canadian heritage that it brings, I have been missing Annie Bananie. It’s a fun, loving name and I love hearing children call me “Annie Bananie!”.

People have been calling me that for over a decade. It came about on a Halloween weekend, while walking the streets of New York city. Jay my partner and I were newly dating, and jet setted to New York city to see some Grateful Dead concerts. It being halloween we decided to dress up as clowns with red noses, multicoloured wigs and clothes to match. I was Annie Bananie the Clown and he was Jay Bong the Clown.

It was the best time ever! People were stopping us in the streets, to get photos taken with us. I imagine that, on that day we made it to a few people’s social media feeds.

We took a photo at the goosebump books photo stand and people thought that we were part of the display and again wanted photos taken with us. It was pride weekend and a boisterous, woman slapped me on the bum. I know, not very politically correct, but it was all in good fun. It was a fun experience of meeting people, and an open hearted adventure.

That weekend propelled me to start writing a blog entitled Annie Bananie the Clown. I wrote about my life as a mom, my daycare, travels and my felting workshops. It got some traction in the Ottawa community and I even felt a little like a star of sorts. One morning while standing at the Loblaws check out counter with my groceries all packed in bags, I realized that I had left my wallet at home. I looked at the cashier with an apologetic smile and said: “I forgot my wallet”. The woman next in line said: “I will pay for your groceries.” I turned in surprise and said: “Really? Why would you do that? “ She replied with: “You are Annie Bananie, right?”. I said: “Yes, I am, and I will pay you back of course.” And so it went, she paid for my groceries and I paid her back. It was such a nice feeling to have been taken care by a total stranger. It was also a nice feeling that she knew me, without really knowing me!

And so it goes, Annie Bananie has had many travel adventures and is back to bring families onto their own photography adventure. Please join me among the trees and nature for a fun filled experience that you will not forget. There is one guarantee in life and that is that life is always changing and photographs are the time capsules that preserves those changes.

Big hugs and love,

Annie Bananie :)