Stories by Annie Bananie

My Very First Newborn Session


My very first newborn session was four years ago of this sweet child called Irene. She was under 10 days old and ever so sleepy and precious as can be. I arrived at her house with my crop frame camera and a sheep skin, some blankets and little hats. The photos were taken by a well lit window, and I loved the process of rocking her to sleep and gently placing her in different positions. It was this session that I realized that newborn photography is not easy. One needs to be patient, gentle and know how to position the baby for those beautiful shots. It is then, that I realized that I had a lot to learn and got very passionate about that learning.


There is something about these little new human beings that touch me to my very soul. They are so vulnerable and yet powerful. They remind me that life is a gift, to be cherished. Having had two children of my own, I also understand the vulnerabilities of becoming a mother. It is magical and at the same time can be difficult, as your life is changed in a deep way. A new mother needs to redefine who she is and contemplate her old self, with the new. Some things that mattered to her before becomes irrelevant and a new perspective on life emerges. Breast feeding does not always come naturally and navigating through physical sensations post birth and fatigue is also a factor. In this first session, I learnt that newborn photography is not only about taking photos. It’s about being conscious of what the family needs in the moment and providing support, while documenting their story. .

Irene has since, grown into a smart, fun, loving, four year old girl, who loves the outdoors and drawing. I find myself lucky as her family has continued to book me for photo sessions on a yearly basis. It has been a pleasure to watch her grow into a confident young girl.

In the above photos you can see her at almost 10 days old, 16 months, 2 1/2 and 3 1/2 years old.