Stories by Annie Bananie

Hail Storm


I think that we can all agree, that it’s been a wet, cold spring. I for one have been craving hot sunny days! So when the rain clouds parted for the sunshine this afternoon, Jay and I jumped into the kayaks to take it all in. We floated on the water and sat in stillness, listening to the birds, and feel the peace in nature’s beauty. It was one of those moments, where I got out of my head and really took the time to appreciate the world around me. The meditation didn't last long. We noticed incoming dark clouds and thunder in the distance. We made it back to shore, just before the hail storm hit. Balls of ice bounced off our cars and the patio table. The wind blew in it’s haste sending green leaves to the ground. Hot steam rose from the lake, as cold pellets cut through the water’s surface. It was like mother nature was confused as to wether it was spring, summer, fall or winter! Once the storm passed a beautiful sunlight shone through the trees sending a feeling of magic through the forrest. I grabbed my camera and braved the mosquitoes to take some shots.