Stories by Annie Bananie

The Magic of Children


I love these photos. To me, they speak of fairy tales and magic. They were taken a few weeks back in the throws of spring, when nature was bursting with life. In that time, where even adults see the magic all around them. I met Alice and her family at Fletcher Park and we had a beautiful time. Alice was like a spring fairy running, jumping, picking flowers, climbing trees and playful. She reminded me of my own inner child.

I grew up in the country and have vivid memories of the great outdoors. Some of those are searching for four leaf clovers, “saying he loves me, he loves me not”, as I pulled on the white, soft pedals of daisy flowers. This might be why daisies are one of my favourites! I built forts and went on long bike rides. I swam and daydreamed. I am grateful for those moments and grateful that both my businesses involve working with children. I love their zest for life and to be honest, I am a child at heart.

Children see magic everywhere in the new leaves sprouting from the trees, in wildflowers reaching up to the sun. They find joy in the small things like collecting sticks, and rocks. I love to help cultivate these experiences and take images of families in these moments of connection in nature. Photography is a true passion, a love. It’s a love that I have carried around with me for many years. I got my first camera at 16 years of age and ever since, have been documenting the world around me. I traveled around the world and photographed many children and found a common thread; all children no matter what race or colour love to play and engage in the world around them. If we adults give them enough space to explore, they will find a way to engage. I love that saying “less is more.”